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Safety car car maintenance attention in the ten common sense

Today to tell you about some of the considerations in the car repair shop repairs, fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filters and other parts if it is too dirty, can cause filtration effect of variation, too many impurities into the cylinder oil, increased mechanical wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of failure; if the severely clogged, causing the vehicle will not work properly.

First, the fear of "dirty"


Fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filters and other parts if it is too dirty, can cause filtration effect of variation, too many impurities into the cylinder oil, exacerbating mechanical wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of failure; if the severely clogged, causing the vehicle will not work properly. Water tank heat sink, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head fins, fin coolers and other components too dirty, can lead to poor heat dissipation, the temperature is too high. Therefore, for such "Pazang" parts must be timely cleaning and maintenance.


Second, fear of "hot"


Piston engine temperature is too high, easily lead to overheating pillow melting piston seizure occurs; rubber seal, triangle tape, tire overheating, easy to premature aging, slow performance and shorten life; starters, alternators, regulators and other electrical equipment coil overheating, burnt down and scrapped; vehicle bearing should maintain an appropriate temperature, such as overheating, lubricating oil will soon degenerate, resulting in bearing burned vehicle damage.


Third, the fear of "string"


Diesel fuel system in a variety of coupling member, the primary driven gear within the drive axle final drive, hydraulic control valve block and valve in the hydraulic steering gear and spool valve sets, even those with members in manufacture through special processing, finely ground in pairs, with very sophisticated, and always used in pairs in lifetime use, must not be interchanged. Some members cooperate with each other, such as a piston and cylinder, with the journal bearing, valve and valve seat, covered with tile connecting rod shaft, etc. After a period of running-action, with relatively good during maintenance, should also pay attention assembled in pairs, not to each other "stopping."


Fourth, the fear of "anti-"


When you install the engine cylinder pad can not hold against, otherwise it will lead to premature cylinder head gasket erosion damage; some special shapes can not be anti-loaded piston rings should be assembled according to the requirements of different models; there are directions to install the engine fan blades requirements, generally divided exhaust fan and two wind suction, non-reversed, otherwise it will lead to poor engine cooling, the temperature is too high; for directional pattern of the tire, such as herringbone tread tires, the ground should make prints after installation pointing to the rear of the word tip to ensure having a maximum driving force. For two tires and installed, different models have different requirements, not free to install.


Fifth, the fear of "missing"


When maintenance of vehicles, some small pieces may be inadvertently missing equipment, and even some people think that means do not install does not matter, this is very dangerous and harmful. Engine air lock sheet, should be installed in pairs, such as missing equipment or deletion will cause the piston valve out of control and crashed other pieces; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, cotter pin is installed on the drive shaft bolts, tighten the screws, sheet or Insurance spring pad, and other locking devices, once missing equipment in use will likely lead to serious failure; engine timing gear chamber nozzle for gear lubrication oil leakage once installed, can cause serious drain where the engine engine oil pressure is too low; the radiator cap, oil cap, fuel tank cap is missing, make sand and dust intrusion, increased engine wear ministries.


Sixth, fear of "oil"


Engine dry air cleaner paper filter, hygroscopic, such as stained with oil, easy to make a higher concentration of the mixture sucked into the cylinder, the air less than the amount of fuel consumption to increase, decrease engine power, diesel engine may also cause "Speed"; if oil stained triangle tape, aging will accelerate corrosion, while slipping easily occur, resulting in lower transmission efficiency; brake shoe, dry clutch friction plates, brake band, etc. If any oil liquid, slip-prone, poor work, threatening traffic safety; starter motors and generators, carbon brushes, etc., contaminated with oil is due to poor contact caused by insufficient power to start the motor, the generator voltage is too low. Tire rubber is very sensitive to corrosion oils, rubber in contact with the oil will soften or peeling, short-term exposure can lead to abnormal tire damage and even serious damage.


Seven, fear of "wash"


Some early repair of the car or the beginner, you may think that all parts have to be cleaned, in fact, this understanding is one-sided. For the engine air filter paper, while clearing the dust on it, it can not be used in any oil cleaning, just gently slap or high pressure air to blow through the filter from the inside out; the cortical parts, unfavorable with oil clean, just wipe with a clean cloth to clean.


Eight, the fear of "pressure"


Tire casing if long-term storage of reactor pressure and untimely flip will occur due to compression deformation, affecting life; paper filter air filter, fuel filter, such as extrusion occurs, will have a greater deformation and can not reliably play the role of filtration; rubber seal, triangle tape, tubing, etc. can not squeeze, otherwise the same will happen deformation, affect the normal use.


Nine, fear of "near fire"


Tires, triangle tape, cylinder water blocking ring, rubber seals and other rubber products, if close to the fire source, easy to aging deterioration or damage, on the other hand may also cause fires. In particular, some diesel vehicles, the winter cold is difficult to start, some of the common pilot burner heating, we must prevent the burn line, oil and the like.


Ten, fear of "repeat"


Some parts of this should be a one-time use, but individual driver or repairman to save or do not understand the "taboo" and repeated use, this can easily lead to accidents. In general, the engine connecting rod bolt, nut seal all kinds of imported diesel fuel injector mounting bolts, cylinder water blocking laps, sealing copper pad, the hydraulic system, as well as pin sheet ring important parts of the cotter pin and other parts disassembly , you must replace the product; the engine cylinder head gasket, although no damage is found during inspection, it is best to replace the new, because the old product poor flexibility, poor sealing, easy erosion damage, do not use for a long time need to be replaced, time consuming, and therefore if new products to try to replace the better.