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How to conserve winter car

Winter cold wave intensified, vehicles have become a warm haven when we're out. However, as the temperature is lowered again, the car will happen "cold hands cold feet" and even "freeze frozen heart lung" behavior, then how can we understand the car and safe winter from hypothermia on it?


Winter car Notes


1, note add, replace antifreeze. The amount of antifreeze must be appropriate, different regions and different models should be noted antifreeze freezing point of the model and the use of more than two years should be replaced antifreeze, the antifreeze mixing a year must be replaced. Note that different brands of different types of products do not mix.


2, demanding winter for oil. In the selection of a low temperature lubricant, should be combined with oil pour point, low viscosity and viscosity-temperature characteristics fully into account.


Internationally recognized SAE classification: the 15W-40,5W-40, "W" represents Winter (winter), the smaller the number in front of the oil the better low temperature fluidity, on behalf of the availability of lower ambient temperature, ability to protect the engine cold start, the better.


3, tire tread debris cleaned regularly. Winter rubber hard and relatively brittle, not only will reduce the coefficient of friction, but also easy to leak than other seasons, rolling tires. Winter frequent cleaning of inclusions within the tread, try to avoid using up more than once a tire.


4, the battery is particularly important. If the battery charge is insufficient, easy to crack damage in the cold. Choose a good battery, can save a lot of trouble, we recommend the choice of maintenance-free batteries.


Check the main battery with a look at two data, the first voltage, the second is the starting current. Wherein the voltage value must be higher than 12V, 12V lower than if it means you can prepare the battery and to say goodbye.


5. Do not use hot water frost ice. If your car unfortunately was frozen, be careful not to take a direct open irrigated hurry to thaw, it is easy because of cold and heat damaged parts. To de-icing, you can start the engine, turn on the heater in the car, with special snow shovel automotive glass from cracks between the slow eradication of frost. If there is no snow shovel, solvent-alcohol (lowering the freezing point) amount fell on the wiper blade, a few minutes the ice will melt.


6, waxing, orifice. After the winter cold, the frequency of brushing the vehicle will be reduced, so the winter maintenance of paintwork waxing is the best policy. Waxed body difficult to wet, difficult winter ice condensation phenomenon.


Tips: Although many cars are equipped with keyless door / start function, but still have to remind some of the old car owners in winter door keyhole is easy because of water or wet and freezing, so always wipe the keyhole, while injecting a little lubricant in the keyhole, door surrounded by water have to remember to wipe clean, otherwise the next day does not open the car door for trouble.